Hondo Grattan

BY Deus
The project is the fruit of more innovative ideas and freer thinking, where the crowning glory of the bike is the aluminium bodywork with, at the far end, a rear fairing which is in one single piece, and the number holder and light inspired by Speedway bikes. Completing the design are the asymmetrical mudguard and the many small details such as the positioning of the conical filter of the frame, the brake disc and the special exhaust. The name is the work of Carby, creative director at Deus Australia: Hondo Grattan, the horse that has won it all at the Harold Park racetrack.


Milano, Italia
DEUS EX MACHINA is a brand that was founded in Australia in 2005 and that specialises in motorcycles, bicycles and surfboards. Worlds that may appear far apart but that share the creativity and construction skill typical of an artisan workshop, as well as the all-important passion to create unique works that are always original.
The brand's three passions also give life to a line of clothing and accessories that is becoming well-known across the globe for its characteristic graphics and original outfits.
These Deus laboratories are known as the ""Temples of passion"": large display areas with a workshop, store and café where you can test, see and touch rare objects and special pieces.
The passion of this simple world and the sense of belonging that marks out lovers of the brand ensure that the company is enjoying great success across its five international bases in Sydney, Bali, Los Angeles, Milan and Tokyo.


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