S.C.R. Café Racer

BY Mr. Martini
The basic concept of the S.C.R is totally transformed: from Scrambler to Café Racer. The style recalls a design that is more American than British, also considering the 70s-inspired roots of the original Scrambler project. Although the style is Café Racer, this bike has a blend of elements that make it unique. In fact, with certain details, like the high exhaust and the knobby tyres, the Scrambler concept has been upheld. ""We've replaced the screen, the rear fairing, the whole exhaust, the foot pegs and handlebar, the single rear shock and of course we've given it a new colour. The Café Racer scrambler is in total black, a colour used also for the seat, under the rear fairing and on the distribution covers"

Mr. Martini

Verona, Italia
MrMartini is a brand born from a history rich in passion and dedication, research and creativity. The MrMartini laboratory, which harnesses all of the experience that Nicola Martini has gained over the years, is not only a production facility but also a test base, out of which unique motorcycles emerge. MrMartini studies new concepts of bikes and accessories for bikes, creating brand new styles. Years of work and research have allowed the company to write a real two-wheeled story, entirely Italian, that has made its contribution to the culture of motorcycling Style. The worldwide appeal of MrMartini creations has further highlighted the uniqueness of a style in which technical skill and aesthetic intuition combine to create elegant, original prototypes, characterised by innovative technical solutions but also by the extreme care taken over the details, choice of materials and colour combinations.


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