BY Vibrazioni Art Design
Pirelli and Scrambler Ducati collaborate on an artistic level, commissioning Vibrazioni® Art Design with the creation of a two-wheeled work of art.
Vibrazioni® Art Design immediately accepted the project proposed by Pirelli and Ducati that has led to the birth of the "SC-Rumble". The name of this special edition retains an echo of its Scrambler® origins while emphasising its new, more battle-ready personality and preference for dust and gravel tracks.
The ""SC-Rumble"" keeps the top of line Pirelli MT 60™ RS tyres, mounted on lenticular rims. The standard frame has been shortened at the rear while all of the original superfluous elements have been removed in favour of a monocoque made of sheet metal from salvaged industrial drums, hammered and shaped by hand, and retaining its original colour. The screen, as with the hand-shaped aluminium side panels, boasts a light created from solid aluminium with smoked glass, inside which is a circular LED guide light inspired by the standard Scrambler Ducati headlight. The high exhaust is based on the special Termignoni aftermarket model with handcrafted silencer.
The decorations on the tank bear a hand-painted Scrambler Ducati script on one side and, on the other, highlight the texture of the Pirelli MT 60™ RS tread, laser-cut on nitrile rubber and applied on the inside of the tank's handle.

Vibrazioni Art Design

Massa Lombarda, Italia
Vibrazioni® Art Design is a multifaceted company, located in Italy's Romagnola countryside and operating in the field of design, particularly interior design. Strongly inspired by a passion for engines and motorcycles, the company has transferred across its own philosophy that characterises all of its products. Vibrazioni® Art Design specialises in the machining of sheet metal salvaged from industrial drums used in the chemical, petrochemical and food sectors, worked by hand and inspired by old-school craftsmanship. This lets them create highly evocative products that are a balanced blend of past and present and have a strong aesthetic impact that makes them iconic and capable of triggering a short circuit in terms of luxury.


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