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So fresh. So unmistakably Scrambler. The new Icon is here for you.

Full Throttle

The Fastest Look in the City.
Here is the new Full Throttle.


Next-Gen Classy.
Here is the new Nightshift.

Meet the
Next-Gen Family

There’s a Scrambler for every attitude. Which one’s yours?

Ducati World Première 2024

The appointment with the Ducati World Première web series, for the launch of the 2024 range, returns. A six-stage journey that will end on 7 November.

Next-Gen Tour

The new Scrambler family is ready to take the stage around Europe.

Meet the whole
Scrambler Family

Urban Motard
City Rebel
A Ride in the Night
Icon Dark
Paint It Black
Classy feeling
Desert Sled
Off the beaten track
1100 Dark PRO
Dark Suit
1100 Tribute PRO
Mark your Roots
1100 Sport PRO
Sporty attitude

Next-Gen Sounds

Listen to the Next-Gen playlist on Spotify.

The Land of Joy

A universe made of music, food, lifestyle.
And an endless amount of fun.

Next Gen

Fulfil your customisation wishes.
Choose the colour of your Scrambler Icon.

RefrigiWear x Scrambler Ducati

A limited edition streetwear collection.

Next-Gen Sounds

Listen to the Next-Gen playlist on Spotify.

Wall of Joy

Words and pics shared from all over the Land of Joy.