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60 years ago the first generation Scrambler was born. Happy Birthday!

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Since 1962

60 years of Ducati Scrambler to celebrate.

The Scrambler was designed following a request from the Berliner brothers, the US importers of Ducati bikes in the 1960s. They wanted a bike that would suit the tastes of American bikers. The first Scrambler went into production in 1962 and came out in 1975. Immediately the bike was a great success thanks to exceptional technical features but especially thanks to a style with an attitude that embodied the nonconformist and rebellious spirit of those years.

The first Scrambler model is universally recognized as the meeting point between the American and European motorcycle schools. A motorcycle that defined an era and became a Ducati milestone.


60 years of Land of Joy.

In 2014 Ducati decides to relaunch the Scrambler project and, taking all the elements of the original bike, gives birth to a new brand that is a whole universe, called Land of Joy, where values, experiences and ideals are shared. A world within which the real protagonists are not bikes and performance but people and their passions: food, art, music, cinema, photography, customization.

Since its arrival on the market, Scrambler has been a benchmark, a new trend and a new interpretation of the motorcycle world.

The exhibition at the Ducati Museum

An exhibition dedicated to the Ducati Scrambler, a thematic area divided into five topics related to the value of the motorbike: Design, Lifestyle, Customisation, Exploration and Self-expression. The brand’s Past and Present mingle, showcasing the Ducati Scrambler of the 60s and 70s, that of the generation born in 2014, up to the present day.

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the 60s

1962 – 1989. From the American dream to superbikes.

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Videos, podcast, radio and much more from the Land of Joy.

Our Journey
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It’s lovely to look back for a moment when you have such a history!

It’s a joy to play

Our rumbling sounds. Radio Ducati Scrambler is the echo of freedom, passions and experiences.

Some pics

Words and pics shared from all over the Land of Joy.