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A trip around the Land of Joy together with the historical recording studio Fonoprint, to discover the rock novelties of the Italian music scene.

Ducati Live

A special project that interweaves live music and life stories of six of the most promising Italian bands. The Scrambler stage opens up for a tour with the amplifiers at full blast. It’s time to turn up the volume and share all the emotions that resound on the roads of the Land of Joy.

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Eugenia Post Meridiem

Eugenia Post Meridiem feature Eugenia’s stunning voice powering their folk sound, mixed with 90’s alternative sound and a touch of trip hop.

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Bee Bee Sea

Bee Bee Sea have a garage rock soul and purely underdog. Native of Castel Goffredo, they are in activity since 2017 and have already recorded two albums.

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Black Snake Moan

Marco Contestabile aka Black Snake Moan is an atypical 26-year-old Psychedelic Blues one-man-band who takes inspiration from the psychedelia and rock of The Doors.

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Giungla, stage name of Emanuela Drei, has a free and positively chaotic personality. She stands out for her pop rock singer-songwriter sound, rough and scratchy.

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Jennifer Gentle

The Jennifer Gentle were born in 1999 in Padova. Their psychedelic and groovy rock is supported by the origin of their name: the lyrics of Lucifer Sam by Pink Floyd.

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Sunday Morning

A quartet with an international touch but with roots in Emilia-Romagna, with an indie rock style and pop influences.

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Scrambler Ducati Live Session Fonoprint


The Scrambler Live Sessions are recorded in the Studio A of Fonoprint, the Bologna-based recording studio that has been writing the history of the Italian music industry since 1976. Artists like Vasco Rossi, Francesco Guccini, Andrea Bocelli and Lucio Dalla were born here. Today Fonoprint opens its doors to the novelties of the new Rock generation.

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Scrambler Ducati Live is powered by the students in Digital Communication, Content & Social Media Marketing of the 24ORE Business School, who through a project work unleashed all their creativity to create a format and a winning communication strategy.

Radio Scrambler

Listen to the sound of the Land of Joy. Playing 24/7.