Welcome to the Joyvolution!

New Scrambler 800 range.
Safer, freer, even more laid back!

Go take a ride, spread the joy!

It’s much more than just a makeover, it’s an actual Joyvolution!

Icon, Desert Sled, Café Racer and Full Throttle are back, full of technical and aesthetic innovations, to offer you a riding experience with the highest levels of comfort, freedom and fun.

The spirit is the same as always. That mix of past and modern, freedom and self-expression that has already won over more than 55,000 fans worldwide.

What about you? What are you waiting for?

All the new stuff

New chassis, state-of-the-art technology.
The Land of Joy has a new story to tell and experience!



The design evolves with the new interchangeable side panels, the steel of the new teardrop tank and the glass of the new front headlight, finished with black painted casings and the brushed cylinder fins.



The riding experience is even more relaxed and enjoyable. The new hydraulic clutch control with adjustable lever makes the Scrambler 800 smoother and easier to use.



The entire 800 range is now equipped with an optical unit with Daytime Running Light and Bosch ABS Cornering to ensure maximum safety in all circumstances.



Unleash your connectivity! The new Scramblers are DMS-ready so you can travel while listening to your favourite music, make phone calls or talk to the passenger in total safety and freedom.

The Fab Four

Each with his or her own personality.
What about you? What kind of Scrambler are you?

The new Icon

The perfect combination of tradition and innovation, which in this new version becomes more safe, comfortable and contemporary.

The new Full Throttle

The Scrambler is inspired by races on dirt ovals and West Coast flat track atmospheres.

The new Cafè Racer

Inspired by the legendary 125 GP Desmo, the new Café Racer is the most rebellious and brave of all the Scramblers.

The new Desert Sled

The off-road Scrambler, which transforms less beaten paths into easily conquered terrain.

Enjoy the view

Enjoy this new wave of joy and fun!

Scramble your way

Scrambler is creativity and self expression.
The Land of Joy offers endless possibilities to create your unique and personalized style.

Build your new look

Casual, outdoor and authentic, the Scrambler apparel collection is perfect to express yourself in complete comfort.

Pimp up your ride

Choose from colors, finishes and special materials in the accessories range to personalize your Scrambler experience.