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Fit 'n fun,
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One Scrambler Icon, lots of seasonal products and tons of creativity: Davide Campagna takes us on a journey through the tastiest recipes of the Land of Joy. Four episodes, one dish for each season. Enjoy the ride, and enjoy your meal!

Cotto al dente

An all-in-one dentist, chef and fitness trainer: his name is Davide Campagna, but on the web he’s known as Cotto al Dente. His love for cooking was born just for fun, but recipe after recipe, workout after workout, that evening with friends turned into a lifestyle and a community of half a million people. Among his passions there are also motorcycles, which he now fully lives with a carefree attitude on his beloved Scrambler Icon.

Last Episode:
Last Episode:


Davide’s talent and creativity will spice up this journey across wellness and deliciousness. Fresh ingredients and quick compositions will create unique dishes in the “Cotto al Dente” and Scrambler Icon style.

Episode 1: Spring

Spaghetti with vegetables and chocolate pancakes with strawberries.

Scrambler Ducati Cotto Al Dente Cutlery Icon


Spaghetti with pistachio and asparagus. Ingredients: asparagus, avocado, pistachios, lemon, basil.

Scrambler Ducati Cotto Al Dente Cutlery Icon


Chocolate and strawberry pancakes. Ingredients: oat flour, cocoa, white chia seeds, vegetable milk, 1 egg, baking powder, strawberries.

Scrambler Ducati Cotto al Dente

Episode 2:

Amberjack and shrimp Ceviche.

Scrambler Ducati Cotto Al Dente Cutlery Icon


Amberjack and shrimp Ceviche with almond milk and passion fruit. Ingredients: amberjack, shrimps, radish, rocket, almonds, passion fruit, almond milk, extra virgin olive oil.

Episode 3:

Polenta and black truffle.

Scrambler Ducati Cotto Al Dente Cutlery Icon


Polenta, penny buns and poached egg with shavings of black truffle. Ingredients: polenta, penny buns, poached egg, black truffle, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, red and pink salt.

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