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響く轟音。Scrambler の世界を垣間見る、Land of Joy から流れるメガホンサウンド。



Land of Joy の音楽を24時間放送中。Scrambler コミュニティが情熱とエクスペリエンスを共有して注目を集めます。ラジオ Ducati Scrambler は人々が出会い、それぞれのストーリーを語る場所です。さあ、素晴らしい物語を聴きましょう!

対話、寛容、共有を象徴するワールド・ラジオ・デイ 2019は、新ラジオ Ducati Scrambler の開局日です。ライターからトラベラー、ミュージシャンまでが参加する個性的なプログラムが用意された最新スケジュール。

リッカルド・フェリーチ氏がお届けするトラベルブログ「From zero to hero(ゼロからヒーローへ)」を視聴して、世界中の魅力あふれる場所を一緒に巡りましょう。ヴァレンティーナ・ロケットクイーンさんとフェデリカ・モスキアーノさんが送る「Don’t call me Cinderella(シンデレラと呼ばないで)」では、女性ならではの視点を知ることができます。

チャンネルを合わせて、オートバイ界の有名なチャンピオン達だけでなく、あまり知られていない英雄達にも出逢いましょう。そして、素敵な Scrambler コミュニティの一員になりましょう。ラジオ Ducati Scrambler では、リスナーの皆さんが自分のストーリーを語り、自らの生き方を表現できる多くの場を設けています。


Our all-new schedule of radio programs with original contributions from writers, travelers and musicians.

Our hosts

Riders, friends, one-off characters: these are the voices that will keep you company along the streets of the Land of Joy.

Scrambler Voices

Meet the voices behind the brand new schedule of radio programmes featuring original contributions from writers, travellers and musicians.

Caterina Sforza

From a young age she cultivated her voice through song. Her interest and passion led to the discovery that stories could be told using the voice in different ways, painting pictures, feelings and ideals.

Chris Blake

Graduated in Creative Music Technology he worked as a post-production engineer and sound designer. Today Chris offers his voice for commercials, documentaries, films, podcasts and audiobooks.

Valentina Mevoli

Degree in public relations she worked for about ten years in communications in the fashion sector. Then one day, Valentina decided to transform one of her greatest passions, music, into a full-time job.

Riccardo Felici

“Life is a wonderful adventure made up of unique experiences that sometimes elevate us to the status of heroes”: on Radio Scrambler Ducati Riccardo tells the extraordinary feats of ordinary people, just like us.

Federica Moschiano

Federica has a gipsy spirit. She is a chronic motorcyclist lover and a boundless love for animals, tattoos and blue jeans. Most of all, she loves freedom in every form and hate constraints and formalisms.

Giacomo Zito

The radio experience has been a significant milestone in Giacomo’s career, inspiring him to share this experience together with the industrial and communication business.

Elena Mearini

She is an author and teacher of Creative Writing and directs the Little Academy of Poetry in Milan. She has published three collections of poems and seven novels.