Scrambler Experience Romagna 2019

A driving experience along the coast and the hills of Romagna.

When and where

Saturday the 6th of April, from La Spiaggia Beach (Cesenatico)


From the
Romagna coastline

Enjoy a driving experience along the coast and the hills of Romagna, starting from the Grand Hotel Da Vinci in Cesenatico. A tour that will take place on tarmac and dirt roads, and that will allow participants to enjoy the new Scrambler range in a completely safe environment with the support of the Dueruote staff.


To the secret hills
towards Tuscany

The checkpoint halfway through the day will be located on the hills of the Apennine Mountains between Tuscany and Romagna in the area surrounding Bagno di Romagna, where participants will be able to delight themselves with typical delicacies from in a relaxed environment in true Scrambler Ducati style. It will then be time to come back towards Cesenatico, for the grand finale with street food and an evening BBQ on the beach!


The Programme


h. 8:30 Opening and accreditation La Spiaggia Beach,
h. 8:45 Receive the Welcome Kit and technical clothing
h. 9:00 Scrambler Welcome Breakfast


h. 9:15 Initial Briefing and bikes assignment La Spiaggia Beach


h. 09:30 – 12:30 On-Road Experience (Session I) La Spiaggia Beach
Off-Road Experience (Session I)


h. 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break Hotel Miramonti,
Acquapartita (FC)


h. 14:30 – 17:30 On-Road Experience (Session II) Hotel Miramonti,
Acquapartita (FC)
Off-Road Experience (Session II)


h. 17:30 – 18:30 Beach Riding La Spiaggia Beach
(only for Off-Road Experience participants)


h. 19:00 – 19:30 Delivery of participation diplomas La Spiaggia Beach


h. 19:30  Scrambler BBQ Party La Spiaggia Beach



La Spiaggia Beach (Cesenatico)

The Prices

  • Tour Off-Road: 299€ (included: welcome kit, lunch, BBQ and Scrambler Desert Sled rental)
  • Tour On-Road: 299€ (included: welcome kit, instructors, lunch, BBQ and Scrambler Ducati rental)
  • Tour On-Road with your own Scrambler Ducati: 199€ (included: welcome kit, instructors, lunch and BBQ)
  • Companion: +80€ (included: lunch and BBQ)
  • BBQ: 40€

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