The Custom Rumble 2019 is proud to welcome,
for the first time in its history, the Ducati Scrambler 1100.

Compete bigger! Bully is the category for the “big guns”!

If you have a Scrambler 1100, this is the right time to play with it.

Join this category and put your ideas of bigness in act!

Rules for the Bully Challenge:

  • Models: Scrambler 1100
  • NO CONSTRAINTS on the type of materials

Download the rule book for more information!


It's a firstie!

Be the starting point, be the bigger benchmark!

A different challenge?

The Custom Rumble is back with five different challenges. Choose the one that better suits your creativity!

Cut Down

Stripping down all the unnecessary parts from the bike, cut off the seat and five a badass look to be the winner in this category


The Café Racer culture, one of the most influential movements in the history of motorcycling. If you think you are inspired from this movement, this is your category!


The easiest way to participate in the Rumble: you need just a Scrambler 800 or a Sixty2 and personalize your bike in the way you like.

All Terrain

The bike for all road conditions, the wild side of Scrambler. Move your bike to the cross-country rule by adding some off-road parts and knobby tyres!