Icon Dark

So dark, so bright.
Here comes the new Icon Dark.

PVP estimado: 9.590 €

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Paint It Black

Unconventional but fashionable, elemental yet juicy. The new Icon Dark brings all the fun and freedom of the Land of Joy in a brand new guise. Inspired by Scrambler customisers’ wildest dreams, this bike is born to exalt the rider’s own personality and fill all Scramblerists’ darkest desires.

Premium LED Lighting

Headlight with glass lens and DRL.


Improved Riding Experience

Ducati Multimedia System ready. Selected gear indicator and fuel level. Handlebar switch controls. Hydraulic clutch control with adjustable lever.


Style Details

New Matt Black colour. Machine-finished aluminium belt covers. Interchangeable aluminium side panels for the highest degree of personalization.


Riding Comfort

A brand new seat, flatter and comfortable for the rider and the passenger. Improved suspension set-up.



New finishing touches to the engine: black cylinder heads and brushed aluminium fins.


Improved Safety

Dual-channel Bosch Cornering ABS.

Una mirada en detalle

Find out the new look of Scrambler®, available in the new Matt Black color.

PVP estimado: 9.590 €

Acciona la #Joyvolution

Fly with your Scrambler® motorbike in the Land of Joy. The new Matt Black color gives the bike a new, intriguing, look and provides the perfect baseline for bike crafting.

Los números

Todos los detalles y especificaciones que necesitas.
L-Twin, Desmodromic distribution, 2 valves per cylinder, air cooled
803 cc
Diámetro x carrera
88 x 66 mm
Relación de Compresión
53,6 kW (73 hp) @ 8,250 rpm
Par Motor
6,7 Kgm (66,2 Nm) @ 5750 rpm
Inyección de combustible
Electronic fuel injection, 50 mm throttle body
Exhaust system with single stainless steel muffler, aluminium silencer cover, catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes
Euro 5 (Only for countries where Euro 5 standard applies)
Consumo - Emisiones
5,2 l/100 km - 120 g/km
Caja de cambios
6 speed
Relación de transmisión
1=32/13 2=30/18 3=28/21 4=26/23 5=22/22 6=24/26
Transmisión primaria
Straight cut gears, Ratio 1,85:1
Transmisión final
Chain, front spocket 15, rear sprocket 46
Hydraulically controlled slipper and self-servo wet multiplate clutch
Tubular steel Trellis frame
Suspensión delantera
Upside down Kayaba 41 mm fork
Recorrido suspensión trasera
150 mm (5,9 in)
Rueda delantera
10-spoke in light alloy, 3.00" x 18"
Neumático delantero
Pirelli MT 60 RS 110/80 R18
Suspensión trasera
Kayaba rear shock, pre-load adjustable.
Recorrido suspensión trasera
150 mm (5,9 in)
Rueda trasera
10-spoke in light alloy, 5.50" x 17"
Neumático trasero
Pirelli MT 60 RS 180/55 R17
Freno delantero
Ø330 mm disc, radial 4-piston calliper with Bosch Cornering ABS as standard equipment
Freno trasero
Ø245 mm disc, 1-piston floating calliper with Bosch Cornering ABS as standard equipment
Distancia entre ejes
1.445 mm (56.9 in)
Ángulo de lanzamiento
112 mm (4,4 in)
Bloqueo total de la dirección
Capacidad del depósito
13,5 l - 3,57 gallon (US)
Peso en seco
173 kg (381 lb)
Peso húmedo**
189 kg (417 lb)
Altura de asiento
798 mm (31,4 in) - low seat 778 mm (30,6 in) available as accessory
Altura máxima
1.150 mm (45,3 in) (brake reservoir)
Anchura máxima
855 mm (33,7 in) (mirrors)
Longitud máxima
2.100 - 2.165 mm (82.7 - 85.2 in)
Número de asientos
Dual seat
Equipamiento de serie
Steel tank with interchangeable aluminium side panels, headlight with DRL by LED light-guide and interchangeable aluminium cover, LCD instruments with gear and fuel level indications and interchangeable aluminium cover, ABS cornering, machine-finished aluminium belt covers, black engine with brushed fins.
Equipos ICON
Dedicated logo, dedicate handlebar, matching mudguards, aluminium muffler cover
24 months unlimited mileage
12,000 km (7.500 mi) / 12 months
Comprobación de la holgura de las válvulas
12,000 km (7.500 mi)
The power/torque values indicated are measured using and engine dynamometer according to homologation regulation and they correspond to the homologated data, as quoted in the Bike Registration Document
**Peso húmedo
The weights in running order are considered with all operating fluids, standard equipment and the fuel tank filled to 90% of its useful capacity (UE regulation no. 168/2013).