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The Scrambler 1100 is a solid balance between muscles and compactness.
It is the expression of the Land of Joy spirit with utmost comfort and indescribable handling.

The legend of tomorrow

One of the biggest icons of the 60s and 70s is reborn.

A bike that fully embodies the feeling of freedom from those years: the Scrambler. And today, it gets bigger.


Ducati Traction Control

DTC is the electronic system of active security that measures and controls the rear wheel’s slip. The traction control is adjustable on 4 levels and disconnectable.


Bosch Cornering ABS

Bosch Cornering ABS can identify to what extent the bike is leaning and regulate the pressure of the braking system, preventing any crash caused by the locking of the front of the bike.


Three Riding Modes

For adapting the bike’s riding behaviour to all kinds of roads and rider’s styles. Active, for full engine power; Journey, for appropriate throttle responses; City, for the smoothest power delivery.

The Getaway

The Scrambler 1100 steals the scene. Bigger, badder, and ready to kick some asphalt!

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Classic, powerful, iconic. Choose the legend you want to be.

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1100 Special
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1100 Sport
Performance meets emotions

Legendary moments

There are rides you’ll never forget.

Born to impress

Perfection lies in details. With Scrambler clothing and equipment you’re free to be unique, free to be yourself.

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Make your ride bigger in comfort and style with Scrambler original apparel.

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Customize your Scrambler 1100 with exclusive materials and finishes.