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60 years ago the first generation Scrambler was born. Happy Birthday!


For those who love the unconventional streets
and the less traveled paths.

Urban Motard

There’s a new kid on the block.
Introducing the new Scrambler Ducati Urban Motard.

1100 Tribute PRO

A new chapter of the story.

Days of Joy

The Days of Joy are back, a full immersion in the Ducati Scrambler world between on and off-road riding, outdoor activities and pure relaxation.

Meet the Family

There’s a Scrambler for every attitude. Which one’s yours?

Urban Motard
City Rebel
A Ride in the Night
Icon Dark
Paint It Black
Classy feeling
Desert Sled
Off the beaten track
Are you ready for a new era?

Here comes the new Scrambler 1100 PRO.

1100 Tribute PRO
Mark your Roots
1100 Sport PRO
Sporty attitude
Scrambler Ducati brochure

Welcome to the world full of joy and self expression of Ducati Scrambler!

The Land of Joy

A universe made of music, food, lifestyle.
And an endless amount of fun.

Media Box

Videos, podcast, radio and much more from the Land of Joy.

RefrigiWear x Scrambler Ducati

A limited edition streetwear collection.

Your one and only

The wide and complete range of Scrambler accessories lets everyone express their style and create something unique.

It's a joy to play

Our rumbling sounds. Radio Ducati Scrambler is the echo of freedom, passions and experiences.

Wall of Joy

Words and pics shared from all over the Land of Joy.