The Land of Joy at WDW 2014

Just Ride - that is all that really matters! (photo by Owen Perry, Chile)

Ain’t no mountain high enough! (“Ruben Toucido - Galiñeiro - Vigo” by Yago Iglesias)

Balance, movement, life!

Glass beach, Fort Bragg - California

Kayak or bike? Arguing about with my best friend!

4,000 people saw the new Scrambler Ducati
3,500 games of ping-pong and billiards were played
20,000 Scrambler bracelets and 6,000 badges were given away
3,000 false moustaches and 3,000 flower necklaces were distributed at the “Scrambler Beach Party”
803 limited-edition T-Shirts were sold
20 hours of live music were played by “Recrive”
35 tattoo were made by “Tatto_Agio”


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Great Ocean Road, Australia (Photo by Eleazar Lazaro)

Previously on “Franco and Elvira Story

From “Scrambler Beach Party" // The Land of Joy in Riccione for a night!

Franco was a Ducati Official test rider while Elvira, who worked in administration department, had a natural beauty that also made her a perfect model. This is their true story.


The Land of Joy at WDW 2014!

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Scrambler Beach party at #worldducatiweek : the land of Joy in Riccione for a night!


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