From above: 

Kingsman, Arizona. Interstate 40 to Los Angeles

Los Angeles Olympic Stadium

Downtown Las Vegas

(by Marco Rimondi)

With Friends at Playa de las Canteras (Las Palmas de Gran Canarias) - Photo by Eleazar Lazaro

(Source: Flickr / eleazar_lzr)

Santa Monica Pier (from a special Scrambler Ducati fan, Marco Rimondi)

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Easy to say, not so easy to do… Are you brave enough?

Lost but OK!

Venice Skatepark (by Ricky Rojas)

Sunset Through The Keyhole - Monument Rocks - Western Kansas

Love, ride, free spirit

(Source: infintyforyou)

Enjoying an upside-down view… so interesting! (photo by Laura Austin)

Planning my journey… can’t wait!

Franco and Elvira Story - The Making Of
Do you know how the world of Franco and Elvira has been created?


Is there a Scrambler out there? Ducati people have seen it!


I wanna dance and sing. I wanna have fun. I wanna feel like this!

The Cave Of Three Bridges (Lebanon)